Planning Approval Granted

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We are obviously happy to have been granted planning permission, but wish to go forward not alone, but in partnership with a wide range of local people and organisations. That was always our intention, and we’re sorry we failed to communicate that clearly. We’re 100% open to ideas.
We acknowledge the conflict that has previously arisen these past years, and the legitimate concerns that have been raised. We regret our part in that, and have learnt a lot.
We are not going to get embroiled with individuals on social media. There is a lot of anger being vented by local individuals who have opposed the project from day one but more disheartening are the comments of a racial nature being made by some.
The Aspiring Communities  vision and in particular this community project was and is all about community cohesion, tolerance and respect, we will continue to work in partnership with the community to break down any barriers and unfortunate stereotypes.
We look forward to opening a highly inclusive, open access facility, but this is a two way process. We need and welcome the involvement feedback and engagement from all sections of the community.
Finally, we would like to encourage all residents to read the planning inspectors findings in his report by clicking on the link below.
Trustees- Aspiring Communities
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