Aspiring Communities and the Prevent Agenda

The Government’s counter terrorism strategy, Prevent, aims to tackle all forms of terrorism.  The Prevent Strategy ( was over-hauled in June 2011.  A key part of the Prevent Strategy is to work with institutions, individuals and communities to prevent people, from all backgrounds, getting drawn towards violent extremism in whatever guises it may exist.

In recognition of the work that Aspiring Communities does at a local level to promote interfaith dialogue and improve community relations, along with a strong connection and reach at grassroots levels to individuals and communities.

West Yorkshire Police invited the Aspiring Communities Board to be involved in its Prevent Awareness Raising event organised by the North East Counter Terrorism Unit.  Board members as well as a number of local volunteers attended the event.

As part of the work that Aspiring Communities is already doing at a local level, to engage the youth, rather than the propaganda of extremist groups like ISIS and the likes, AC has given a commitment to work in partnership to help strength interfaith dialogue and ensure community relations continue to improve.

If you have any ideas or suggestions on the focus of AC’s work in relation to the Prevent agenda then please drop us an email.

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Aspiring Communities hosts Eid Celebration Event

Aspiring Communities held an Eid celebration event at St Marys Church on Thursday 31st July 2014 in order to promote different faiths working together and more importantly to promote community cohesion.


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Eid Event Photos


Newly appointed Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson, spoke of the need of such events that can help dispel myths, bring people together and help to foster a community spirit irrespective of background.  He spoke of his strategic plan for West Yorkshire that had recently been published and highlighted some of the priorities.  He pointed out that tackling hate crime in all its form and the need to report it to the police is a key theme of the strategic plan.  He also used the opportunity to encourage people to apply to join the police either as a special constable or as a community support officer as in the PCC’s view it is essential the police reflects the diversity of the communities it serves.

Local Vicar, Reverend Lindsay Pearson had an opportunity to meet the leaders of the Muslim faith and was delighted to have been invited.  She addressed the gathering by saying that even though ‘we are of different faith, we share a common understanding of the need for prayer as a way of connecting with the Lord.’  She emphasised the importance of interfaith dialogue as a way of overcoming challenges that are common to everyone regardless of our background.

Imam Asim Hussain from Bradford was the key speaker whose speech was delivered in a very engaging manner.  By referring to the verses of the Quran and Hadith (sayings and actions of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)) he highlighted the duties of Muslims.  He also condemned the killing of Drummer Ribgy (Read AC statement) and highlighted that such acts committed in the name of Islam are completely contrary to the teachings.  He went on to give examples of how the Prophet (peace be upon him) lived and His message of forgiveness to those who had hurt Him (peace be upon him).

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Annual Remembrance Event Leeds-Video

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