Aspiring Communities are proud to be in partnership with the following agencies and individuals to promote community cohesion with the sole purpose of delivering stronger, safer, sustainable communities for today and tomorrow.

The testimonials do not necessarily reflect the opinions, views and positions of the organisations they represent or the local community. The testimonials are purely on an individual basis. 

Partnerships & Testimonials

Individual Testimonial from Jeremy Morton, influential and well respected local resident, working in collaboration with Aspiring Communities.

“I have lived in Beeston for thirty years and been involved in many community projects such as Beeston Festival, Tiger11 and South Leeds Life. The key to a successful community is partnership, that’s why I welcome Aspiring Communities plans for a community centre where partners from different parts of the community can come together to make Beeston an even better place”.

Steering Committee Member, supporting Multi Faith activities, Honourable Rev Lindsey Pearson, Priest in charge of Beeston and Beeston Hill.

“I have moved back to Beeston recently and am keen to work with all the different parts of our diverse community. I welcome Aspiring Communities approach to working with us all, and look forward to working in partnership with them.”