Advancement of societies for current and future generations, through, recognising and enabling people to address their needs irrespective of race, culture, faith, age or gender.

Within a multicultural Britain, using simple approaches to further promote and enhance community tolerance and cohesion through understanding and celebrating the differences within our local communities.


1) To accelerate provision of community needs and services, through partnerships with existing local groups and organisations

2) Provision of appropriate local community based state of the art facilities and delivery of effective projects working with existing organisations

3) Targeted delivery of programmes, through action rather than discourse to improve education, health, employment, religion, welfare and spirituality

4) Specifically addressing and overcoming religious or racial stereotypes, to create stronger and closer nit communities and community spirit

Tangible Targets/Outputs:

A) Provision of unique purpose built community facilities under one roof

B) Local residents from within the community to influence, lead and manage high impact community programmes

C) Improving social skills of individuals, through integration or reintegration into society using structured community development programmes to ensure equal opportunities for all

D) Monitor long term objectives to ensure ongoing community benefit